It’s so exciting visiting an area and actually seeing real, live, watermelon growing in the fields – yes, I’ve led a dull life, lol! Then walking a few steps to the grocery store and there they are, piled high, beside all the other locally grown fruit and veggies. Food miles = 1! OK, maybe 5, lol!

Being a north-northern hemisphere gal I’d never seen anything bigger than a rutabaga or maybe a cabbage growing in the field. I’m not a gardener; the biggest thing I’ve grown is a carrot. So seeing these huge, ‘exotic’ fruits, that hadn’t travelled thousands of miles to reach the store, is a totally new experience for me. As I said, exciting!

Anyway, on to smoothies …

This watermelon lime smoothie is not only low in calories, it is delicious and refreshing. The recipe is from Dana at MinimalistBaker, but I’ve changed Dana’s original recipe to use water instead of almond milk. You can go with the original, if you prefer.

Dana says …

I think you’ll love this smoothie. It’s:


Naturally sweet
A little tart
Watermelon-y (Is that a word? It is now!)
Summer appropriate
& So delicious


Make this for breakfast, a snack, or a late-night, summer cool down treat.



TIP: freeze small chunks (ice cube-size) of watermelon to add to your summer drinks.


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