These popsicles from Sylvie at GourmandeInTheKitchen are refreshing, tangy, delicious, good for your gut, less than 30 calories each and take such little effort they are made in minutes. That said, they do require a little prep beforehand (by way of making coconut water kefir).

Making kefir is really simple to do and we’ve put a couple of links at the end. One is an article, the other a video, so choose whichever matches your learning style.

I thought to put off making the popsicles until we had family (with children) visiting. However I decided there really was no need to wait. It’s so beautifully warm out that one of these delicious (and extremely healthy – but don’t let that put you off, lol!) popsicles would go down a treat right about now!

Sylvie tells us about her popsicles …


These particular popsicles combine the sweetness of fresh cherries with the tartness of limes to create an ultra-refreshing sweet/tart treat with a vivid red hue. They’re quick to make (the only effort is in squeezing and zesting the limes), and bright with lip-smacking fruity flavor.


And unlike those red colored imposters masquerading as cherry popsicles of our youth, these are made with only [4 or] 5 whole food ingredients: cherries, limes, coconut water, coconut water kefir and a touch of [raw honey].


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