It’s melon season! It must be as my local grocery store is full of them and the prices are pretty good!

Coming from the chilly north as I do, I was delighted to visit south-eastern Spain last year right around the time they were harvesting melons. I was enthralled to see the wide variety of delicious fruits grown in the area from apricots to peaches and melons – fruits that always seem exotic, not to mention expensive, in my local supermarkets.

In my northern climes we can grow berries, apples and pears and not much else unless it it under cover. Don’t get me wrong, these are great, but normal, so it was exciting to see these ‘exotic’ fruits growing naturally and in the open air.


The recipe comes from Jacqueline Meldrum at TinnedTomatoes and the details are over on the next page. Click the button below to go straight there, if you are in a hurry to try it  :-)

Jacqueline uses a honeydew melon but the recipe will work with other melons, too. So I went hunting to get an idea if the calorie count varied from melon to melon. it does slightly, but not sufficient to matter.

Watermelon is about 30 calories per 100 grams, other melons are 34-36 calories, so an average of 35 calories per 100 grams makes for easy calculations.


Jacqueline uses frozen spinach which is a great idea if you do not have fresh on hand. However, she suggests …

If you don’t have a powerful blender like [mine] defrost the spinach first as it could burn out the motor in your blender …

(Or you could wrap it in a clean cloth and try bashing it with a rolling pin … it might work!)

And sticking with the frozen spinach, I’ve noticed different brands present the spinach in different sizes. So follow Jacqueline’s advice for larger pieces but if your brand is small like ice cubes, you may be ok just dropping them into your blender. As always, if in doubt, err on the safe side. After all, you do not want to wreck your blender!

Another tip is to chill your melon before using it.


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