I’ve been using avocado a lot recently. I love the creaminess it adds to my smoothies, plus how filling it makes them.

I’ve had many a rock-hard avocado in my day, making it impossible to use. Or it’s been black and bruised inside because I left it too long – yuck! But I think I have finally ‘got it’ for judging just when an avocado is ripe – and it makes the world of difference.

This delicious smoothie is from Lisa at SpringLane and the recipe is on the next page. It will serve two to four people, depending on how much you want – a meal or a snack. If you want it to replace a meal there’s room to add some flax or chia seeds or some hemp seeds to boost the protein and fiber even more. You can even make it green with some spinach. The choice is yours.

But, whatever you decide, enjoy!


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