We are digressing briefly from our weight loss program to focus on health – not that the two are incompatible, I hastily add, lol! In a healthy eating weight loss program they are totally in sync.

However, when we want to lose weight we usually cut the calories. And therefore want recipes that are low in calories. I just want to point out it is worth indulging in a few higher calorie smoothies that bring added health benefits – like this delicious smoothie recipe from Hayden at HealingThroughFoods.

If our gut is not up to par it will not absorb the nutrients from our food and that will cause all sorts of problems. Probiotics in the form of yogurt, cottage cheese and kefir, as well as other fermented foods, populate the intestines with healthy bacteria and healthy yeasts.

This smoothie recipe is packed with healthy fats, protein and probiotics. Give it a try.


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