I love to find a good smoothie recipe and play with it.

Take, for example, the Blueberry Peach Smoothie recipe we published earlier. I used this as my base, but changed the flavors.

So …

I kept the peaches because they are wonderful just now and the price is so good as they are in season. And as I wanted more peachy-flavor I used more.

The original has Almond milk. While almonds are a good source of protein, almond milk is not.

If, like me, you wish a higher protein content and do not have dairy allergies then use skim milk. It is about 83 calories per cup while almond milk has 30 calories per cup.

If you are vegan or have allergies then you can stick with the almond milk, or choose another one you love. Again, there are various yogurts that will also meet the dairy-free criteria, so switch to them if wish.

There is sufficient protein in the recipe, and some healthy fat, to use this smoothie to replace a meal. Equally it will make a great snack or post-workout drink.

I never add sugar. Occasionally I’ll add some raw honey for its nutritional benefits, or maple syrup, or a few small dates if I feel my smoothie needs sweetness. But with a decent amount of ripe fruit that is rarely necessary.


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