Versatility is the name of the game with these delicious raspberry smoothie recipes from Jaclyn at CookingClassy. The recipes are on the next couple of pages, just click the button at the bottom of each page to go to them.

Jaclyn shows just how easy it is to vary your morning smoothie to help prevent boredom and to add extra nutrients. She says …

One great thing about smoothies is how versatile they are, there are countless combinations to them. One of my favorite ways to make a breakfast smoothie is to add quick Oats, which you can most definitely add to this recipe to make a more filling breakfast out of it. Other healthy additives you can add to this recipe include things like Chia or Flax seeds … Greens (spinach/kale), or Nut Butters.

We’ve included the option of some add-ins, as Jaclyn suggests, with each of the following recipes. Plus we’ve given an estimate of the calories in each variation. With each smoothie you choose how much you take: drink as a snack or as a meal.


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