Eating fruit in season means you pay less for it, something that’s pretty significant if you live on a tight budget.

Here’s a suggestion that might help when you have very little spare money:

When you can buy fresh items cheaply, either because they are in season or on offer, pick up one extra each time you go to the store, freeze the extra one and then use what you need for today – that order will mean you are not tempted to just throw that extra one in with the mix. Every extra piece of fruit now, in season, will save you money down the line and will be a treat out of season.

I went looking to see what is in season in August, especially fruits and vegetables we use in smoothies.

Cherries are in season and I was tempted to post a cherry smoothie … but they were so good we just ate them!

So what have we settled on for today’s smoothie? This delicious blueberry and peach smoothie from Driscolls. Mmmm! Driscolls reckons …

The ingredient list reads like a smoothie all-star team!


The recipe also has flaxseeds.

I find seeds confusing.

You can buy them whole or ready ground. The recommendation is to buy whole seeds as they keep better and to grind them in a coffee mill just before you use them – apparently they are absorbed better by the body in ground form.

However, if calories matter to you, you should note there is a different calorie-count between whole and ground seeds. For example: 1 tablespoon (US – it varies by country!) of ground flaxseeds weighs 7 grams and has 37 cals, while the same measure of whole seeds weighs 10.3 grams and has 55 calories.

I’m sure it is the same with whole and ground nuts. So check out your packaging.


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