Smoothies are so flexible that you can still make a tasty smoothie even when you need to run out to the store for groceries. Just use whatever you have on hand.

Take this tasty creamy peanut green smoothie I made this morning.

I usually keep some veggies in the freezer to use when I’ve run out of fresh stuff. So I had plenty of greens.

Oats, peanut butter, dates and raw honey are staples in the larder, and I’m rarely without them. So there was the healthy fat, protein, fiber and little bit of extra sweetnesses, if needed.

For the liquid I used the last of a recent batch of homemade coconut milk.

And I love ginger tea, so there is usually some handy; that went in, too. Plus an extra piece of fresh ginger, if there is some, or powdered ginger, if not.

To make ginger tea, I pour boiling water into a jug containing sliced fresh ginger and chill when cool. You can drink it hot or chilled – very refreshing on a hot day. I leave the ginger in the jug/bottle so the flavor intensifies with keeping.


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