What would we do without bananas? They are wonderful in banana bread. Where would we be without banana muffins. Did I say delicious in banoffee pie (banana and toffee pie, mmm!) Yummy mashed and mixed with yogurt, raisins and a pinch of honey.

And, yes, brilliant in smoothies! Of course!

This sounds really good so far but then we combine it with creamy coconut that lifts this smoothie to a new level.

This tasty recipe comes from pastry chef, food writer and recipe developer Nicole Weston at BakingBites.  Nicole says …

When I have a bunch of overripe bananas, they usually end up in a batch of banana bread. It’s easy to make … [and] always a crowd pleaser. The problem with crowd pleasers is that it is helpful to have a crowd … A smoothie is always a good fallback treat when you have [one or two] that need to be used up. I enjoy them as breakfast, an afternoon snack or as dessert, which means that I feel good about making this [smoothie] any time of day.


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