Chocolate is a health food and I’m not just saying that as an excuse to eat more of it. Chocolate, in the form of cacao or cocoa powder, that is, not chocolate bars. (Although apparently chocolate bars that contain 70% or more cocoa solids is good for you, in small doses. It still contains some sugar.)

In fact, not just is cacao a health food, it is a superfood that boosts energy and burns fat, according to Dr Axe.

In this tasty smoothie recipe Erin, at TheAlmondEater, goes with cashew nuts instead of her first love that is almonds – you’d never guess from the name of her website, would you, lol!

The recipe makes 2 large smoothies sufficient to replace a meal, if that’s what you like to do. However, if you do not like to drink your food, then pour the mix into 3-4 glasses and have with a meal or as a healthy snack(s).

Erin’s goal with this recipe was to transition from a weekend of celebratory food …

… to regular work week foods, starting with this smoothie made from cashews.

Right after I typed that I immediately felt like I was cheating on almonds. I’m sorry almonds, but cashews are the star of today’s show.

So yes, the base of this smoothie is made from SOAKED cashews. The soaked part is important for [they] help to create cashew milk …



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