We’ve included 3 options for this tasty smoothie for you to enjoy.

The first is made with canned coconut milk which is rich, thick and filling, and is satisfying enough to replace a meal.

However, because that is also high in calories, we’ve included a light version made with homemade coconut milk. Note this will also be less filling, so if you want to replace a meal with this recipe we’ve given options for that, too.

And as with many of our recipes, this will fit within our healthy eating weight loss program.

The recipe is based on one from Charlotte Oates at CharlottesLivelyKitchen, who says …

… this [smoothie] is one of my favourites that I’ve been going back to again and again. The addition of oats makes it nice and filling and because it uses coconut milk it’s vegan and dairy free. Also the fact it contains a whole banana means that you start the day with one of your five-a-day.


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