This tasty smoothie is from Kare at the KitchenTreaty website. What makes it a little different is the inclusion of fresh mint leaves. As always, you’ll find the recipe on the next page.

It’s full of bananas, cashew nuts and leafy greens and lighter tasting than some as there is no milk or yogurt. If you do not have fresh mint then add a few drops of peppermint extract … but go carefully as they can be powerful!

Lots of healthy nutrients here including healthy fat from the cashews. Nuts are filling so that’s a help, too, especially if just two of you have this to replace a meal.

Kare likes to make her own smoothies over buying from a store or smoothie bar. That way she knows what they contain. She says …


This super simple smoothie recipe is entirely dairy-free and vegan, and … green with spinach and fresh mint, with a banana and cashew base. Protein, vitamins, and deliciousness!


If you prefer to soak nuts before using them then you’ll have to plan ahead a little to do that. Otherwise, just use the nuts as they are.


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