I do like to find a smoothie recipe that is worth repeating. In my book that means it’s really tasty, and healthy, too. And if it is low in calories then that’s a bonus.

Then again, I’ve learned some tricks to help lower the calories in all my smoothies. The main one being: don’t drink such a huge one, as some recipes make enough for two or more and suggest you have it all yourself! That’s why I usually give two, three or more serving sizes.

Another tip, which I’m sure you’ve heard before, is to use a really ripe banana in your smoothie. Why? Because bananas become sweeter as they ripen. That way you won’t need to add sugar of any description. Now, that said, a little maple syrup adds a distinctive flavor all its own, and not just sweetness – but go with a teaspoon measure rather than a tablespoon.

You can also cut the sugar by adding some delicious, soft, sweet spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. A little ginger, either fresh or powdered, will add it’s own unique feel, too.

I really like this almond smoothie from Andrea at DishingUpTheDirt. Adding a few drops of almond extract was pure genius, lol! Andrea says …

I adore the addition of the almond extract which pairs really well with the almond milk, almond butter and spices in this smoothie. This recipe has been on repeat the past few mornings and I hope you all enjoy this smoothie as much as we do.


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