Quick, light and refreshing, this tasty smoothie from Kare at KitchenTreaty has just 4-ingredient – 5 if you include a little extra water or ice, but since they add no calories I’m discounting them, lol!

Coconut water is great for adding flavor, not to mention it’s sometimes called nature’s energy drink as it’s packed with electrolytes which are great to replace body salts on a hot day or following exercise.

Some folks are still scared of green smoothies. Here’s what Kare says …

Do green smoothies scare you? Have you had too many bad-tasting, off-putting, strange ones? Well, this one is the most drinkable I’ve found – sweet, refreshing, hydrating, and supremely drinkable. Plus it boasts super-short list of ingredients. Win!

There is no dairy in this one. It’s also just a small drink so there’s plenty of room to have your protein separately. Protein makes a breakfast more satisfying and fills you up so you make it through to your next meal without snacking.

Switch coconut water with 1/2 cup light coconut milk (add 47 cals per glass) or full fat coconut milk (add 75 cals each glass) it’s still a low calorie smoothie.


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