This smoothie is delicious and full of complex flavors. There are some unusual ingredients, but don’t let that put you off trying it!

If you are unsure of something in the recipe then add a little less. If you decide you love it, and feel adventurous next time then try a little more. Remember a recipe is only a guide as our personal tastes and preferences vary. (That works for most recipes, however baking is another matter and an exact science.)

I love beet greens in a salad. However some folks said they are not able to get beet greens where they live. So when I saw this comment from the original post I thought you might like it … maybe not for this year now, but consider it for next? Juanitad said…

Beet greens are my favorite part of the beet! My mother always planted a large patch of beets and we just kept cutting off the greens and eating them all summer. They will continue to regrow all summer long and stay tender. We ate the beets in the fall after the first frost because it sweetened them up. Love, Love Beet Greens!

The recipe is from Lisa at HealthyNibblesAndBits


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