No, I’m not talking about bruises, lol! Rather a tasty smoothie that has these rich colors.

We’ll start with the black. Black tea, that is.

I don’t like tea. But I’ve been surprised to find that I can incorporate it in various recipes without noticing it. So why bother, I hear you ask? It adds a subtle flavor that enhances the overall smoothie.

This smoothie calls for black tea, but you can substitute green tea if that’s all you have. Green tea, as far as I can see, has more health benefits anyway.

Then we pull in some tasty fruit and veggies and we’re on our way to a delicious and vibrant breakfast smoothie.

The recipe is based on one at NaturallyElla. Erin gives a couple of tips …

I’m kind of lazy when it comes to beets and most stores around me sell precooked, peeled, organic beets (perfect for smoothies).

… freezing the cranberry juice into ice cubes …


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