This smoothie is a lovely combination of sweet and tart. However, if you are not into sharp/tart smoothies then add a little more maple syrup or honey. Or even better still, use really sweet oranges.

I like to use whole oranges where I can in my smoothies instead of juice. I find it’s too easy to add more juice than I intended which bumps up the calories and sugar content.

To help balance the natural sugar I always add some oats and healthy fat in the form of nuts or seeds. This not only prevents a sugar-high but adds extra fiber and protein, making my smoothie more filling and keeps me going till lunch.

As for the cranberries, frozen is best as it helps make a nice thick smoothie. You can, however, use fresh berries but the result will be a thinner smoothie. You can compensate for this by adding some extra ice cubes.


I’ve begun to freeze extra fruit, when I remember! And I never cease to be amazed at how thick my smoothies are when I use them. (Not being of a scientific bent, I don’t know why this happens, but I love the effect – well, in summer, at least. I allow the fruit to defrost first in the winter months. I know … I’m a wimp, lol!)

For example, I got 2 huge melons for the price of one at the market a month or so back. I then had to travel unexpectedly, so I chopped and froze them rather than waste them. (I’d often give my extras to my neighbour when travelling but as I’d just got the melons and they were soooo good, I decided to freeze them this time – something I’d do again! Sorry Sarah, lol!)

Anyway, I put the chopped melon in baggies in portion sizes so I just have to grab a bag and throw it in my blender to make a smoothie. When I got back I used a frozen banana and some of the frozen melon, plus my usual frozen spinach … well, I was amazed at how quickly it thickened, so much so, I had to add extra liquid the keep my blender going. Enter some brain-freezingly good smoothies!

Yes, I know there’s no melon in this smoothie recipe, that was just by way of a long-winded explanation of the freeze-factor thickening effects.


So, back to today’s smoothie …

The recipe is based on one by Lindsay Cotter at CotterCrunch. Lindsay gives lots of nutritional info at her website. So click through, on the link at the end of the post, if you’d like to know more about the nutritional benefits of some of the ingredients.


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