Aid weight loss, as part of a healthy eating program, with this delicious cranberry and pineapple smoothie. It is based on a recipe from Tracy Russell at IncredibleSmoothies.

Tracy has one of the biggest smoothie websites and makes great smoothies. However, she likes to use protein powders in many of her recipes, but I don’t. I like to change them for protein-rich FOODS, while trying to keep a similar amount of protein and calories as in the original recipe, thereby getting extra nutrients and fiber the powders do not provide.

As well as the delicious recipe, a great tip from Tracy is to buy fresh cranberries while in season – usually means they are at their cheapest – and freeze. You’ll then have fresh fruit whenever you want it. Here’s what she says …

Cranberries help promote cardiovascular health and help support immune function! This is a great blend to help you fight off colds this winter.

This green smoothie is a bit tart, which I like. You can blend a pitted date if you find it to be too tart for you. I would try it without first.


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