This tasty snack smoothie comes from Carolyn at AllDayIDreamAboutFood. The recipe is at the end of the post, however, read on as we have a couple of tips to be going on with.

The smoothie is delicious, but it does have a Robust Lemon Flavor

If you think this will be too strong for your family, then reduce the amount of lemon for a less tangy flavor. If you are unsure how much to use, then measure out the quantity required and add it tablespoon by tablespoon until you are happy with the flavor. Freeze what you do not use in ice cube trays to flavor other smoothies or to use with salad dressings. Lemon juice is also lovely sprinkled on cooked pork or chicken as well as fish.

Carolyn says …

My kids adore smoothies and will guzzle them down. But let’s face it, not all smoothies are created equal and some can be as junkie and sugar-laden as a donut. So my aim was for a really healthy, light, low carb smoothie that tasted like summer in a glass. Like a glass of lemonade. Or a glass of raspberry lemonade.


I love using frozen raspberries in my low carb smoothies. They add great nutrition, with plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber. And the flash freezing process happens just hours after picking, so it locks in the nutrients that can be slowly lost in fresh berries. I also find using frozen raspberries helps thicken low carb smoothies without the addition of higher carb bananas.


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