This smoothie, based on one from Hillary at NutritionNutOnTheRun, is tasty, nourishing, satisfying and healthy.

As it is, the recipe is free from dairy and gluten, suitable for vegans and has no added sugar. You won’t even notice the lack of sugar if you use a ripe and spotty banana as a substitute. There’s no concern about the natural sugar getting into the blood stream too quickly as the protein and healthy fats in the almond butter and flaxseeds help stop that happening. Add a few tablespoons of wholegrain oats to ease that even farther – oats are naturally gluten-free, however, they are often prepared in facilities that also work with gluten products, so if you are very sensitive to gluten you may wish to buy a certified gluten-free product.

Switch things around a bit and use one cup of non fat dairy milk plus one cup of water to save a few calories, if you need to. Remember, this will mean it won’t be vegan and could cause problems if you are lactose intolerant. However, many folks have found they can drink kefir without any problems, so you could try that instead of milk.

Decide how you are going to enjoy this delicious smoothie: drink half the recipe to replace a meal and you’ll find it is sufficiently filling to see you through till lunch. Or drink a small glass as a snack. It would be great as an after school snack for the kids.


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