Even in the midst of a healthy eating weight loss program it is good to have little treats – especially when they disrupt neither your healthy eating program nor your weight loss, right? It is especially encouraging knowing you do not have to forfeit everything you love but can enjoy them in moderation and still lose weight.

[Enter stage right] This delicious, unadulterated chocolate almond butter smoothie … mmm! Being a huge chocolate fan I have been amazed how good cocoa tastes in my smoothies … and in everything else, lol!

This recipe is based on one from Jen at SavorySimple who says …

Do you love chocolate as much as I do? You should get your hands on some raw cacao powder. Yes, it’s a bit pricy but one bag will last a really long time. There are many nutritional benefits to eating raw even on occasion and this decadent smoothie is just one example of how you can sneak raw foods into your diet. Bananas, almond milk, raw nut butter and raw honey round out the ingredients for a totally healthy treat.

Healthy fats and protein make a smoothie more filling. Drink this as a healthy snack or add some more almond butter for a satisfying meal replacement.


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