I like things that check more than one box.

Not only is this smoothie tasty and filling, it is good for you, too. The chocolate, the oats and the flaxseed all have anti-inflammatory properties as well as other health benefits.

You can serve this smoothie as a filling meal-replacement for two. Then again, it will serve 3 or 4 to drink along with a light breakfast or even as a filling snack.

And if you prefer to eat your breakfast rather than just drink it, you can reduce the milk to one cup and prepare the recipe the night before for a delicious bowl or jar of chocolate, oat and flaxseed overnight oats.


The recipe is based on one from Jessica at aKitchenAddiction who, in her post, gives 5 benefits of eating flaxseed and 5 ways to incorporate it in your daily menus.

The health benefit I can relate to most is in this comment from Jessica …

This week’s Healthy Habit impacts my own daily living. I suffer from joint pain on a regular basis and have noticed a significant change in both the frequency and the intensity of the pain once I started incorporating flax seed into my diet. Because of this, I have been interested in learning more about the benefits of flax and the different ways in which it helps our bodies. It is such a simple step that can be taken to increase our overall health.

And the easiest way for me to incorporate it in my diet is via my morning smoothies.


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