Blueberries and Greek yogurt are a wonderful combination in any form. So it goes without saying they make for a great smoothie.

It’s good to include some greens in your smoothies, especially if you are not good at eating them. The combination of greens and blueberries can give a yucky mud colored result, depending on which greens and how much you use, but don’t let that put you off as it is good for you and the flavor is disguised by the fruit. (Use lighter-colored greens rather than spinach or kale if the color puts you off.)

Saying something is good for you always makes me think of yucky medicine as a child; being told it was good for me didn’t help it go down any easier, lol. That is not the case here!

The recipe is from Liz DellaCroce at TheLemonBowl (and tweaked ever so slightly!) I loved this comment from Liz …

Boost Brain Power: Studies show that just the smell of cinnamon can actually help boost brain function. Given how little sleep I’m running on these days I need all the help I can get in this department.


I’m all for the added benefits from the smell of foods, lol!


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