This delicious banana, oat and nut milk smoothie is from Kate Ford at TheVegSpace. Click through on the ‘next page’ button below if you want to jump straight through to the recipe without learning about the porridge drawer.

Oats have been popular for breakfast for many a long year. Wa-a-a-ay back, it used to be made and stored in a drawer. Many husbands would take a slice to work for lunch or the children would cut a slice when they came home from school (or the fields!) hungry.

Growing up, I was never quite sure if my grandmother was serious or joking when she spoke of her mother and grandmother doing this! However, I’ve since learned they were not the only ones who stored porridge in the drawer.

In those days it would have been made with oatmeal or what we call ‘steel cut’ oats now, not rolled oats as we know them. It took longer to make porridge with steel cut oats, so no doubt it saved time to make a large pot every few days rather than a small quantity every morning.

We always encourage you to include oats in your smoothies for just the reasons Kate gives in the quote below. (I love her new word for this type of smoothie, lol!) …

Smorridge‘ … a cross between a smoothie and porridge. The great thing about smorridge … is that it has all the advantages of porridge, (keeping you full until lunchtime, lots of health benefits of eating oats regularly, oh and tasting awesome), but without the need for all that stirring and waiting … I’m not very good at either of those first thing in the morning.

I had to laugh.

If you love porridge but are not a morning person, maybe you should adopt the modern equivalent of the porridge drawer. I’ve certainly made a double or triple quantity on a cold winter morning and stored the extra in the refrigerator. It just needs a quick blast in the microwave with a little extra milk or water when you’re ready to eat it. (I’ve never tried taking a slice anywhere … can you imagine how thick it must have been for that to work!!!)

Anyway, back to smoothies …


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