This delicious smoothie recipe is based on one from Lisa at HealthyNibblesAndBits. I changed it slightly by adding coconut. I’d two reasons for doing this:

  1. The original recipe only had fruit and veg and no healthy fat;
  2. I like to use coconut for the healthy fat it contains is used quickly by the body and not stored, therefore it aids weight loss.

And I like recipes that fit into my healthy eating weight loss program.

Lisa gives a great tip for pitting cherries. I’ve had many a purple hand when cutting cherries to remove the pits. This will be my go-to method from now on.

As for the thinking behind the smoothie, Lisa says …

For this cherry smoothie, I added lime juice for zing and some beets to neutralize the sweetness of the cherries. The beets also give this smoothie a beautiful magenta color that just brings a smile on my face whenever I make it. Yeah, super cheesy but true!


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