This smoothie is so delicious! It’s also sweet and filling. The secret to the sweetness is in the bananas, and the secret to the filling-ness is in the oats. A real treat for breakfast or as a filling snack to get you through the busy-ness of the day.

I’m quite slow to learn sometimes. I’ve made a few smoothies with strawberries, coconut, banana and oats and I love them. However, it’s taken me ages to realise the benefit of using well-ripened bananas. I’ve got it now, lol!

What difference does it make? As the bananas ripen they sweeten. So buy them ahead of time and once they get really spotty, but not black, chop them and put in the freezer – because when they’re frozen they make your smoothies creamy. (Mark the size of the banana on the bags if you like to keep count of your calorie intake.)

Note: See the info on bananas in our post The Secret to Effective Weight Loss


This recipe is based on one from Jaclyn at CookingClassy. She says …

This is one of the best breakfast smoothies I’ve ever had. I love the strawberry-coconut combination. It just works. They both have very pronounced flavors but the tartness of the strawberries and the enticing flavor of sweet coconut pair amazingly well together. The oats blend in very well (you won’t really even notice they are there, just be sure to use quick oats) and they help make this filling enough to be your main breakfast.


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