Can you have too many TASTY smoothie recipes? I think not.

Having bought some frozen mango on offer recently, we are enjoying it in our smoothies – all of ‘em, lol! (Well, it was on OFFER!)

This creamy, tangy yet sweet and lightly spicy, TASTY smoothie is a winner in our books! It is based on a recipe from Dana at MinimalistBaker, and the details are over the page.

Dana says her smoothie is …

Perfectly tart
Not too sweet
Loaded with greens, but masks their flavor well

The old me craved smoothies that tasted like a peanut butter milkshake, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But these days, I find myself gravitating toward gingery, tart green smoothies with only a little sweetness. Call me mature, why don’t you …


Drink it as is, for a fruity snack or with a meal.

Or do as we did: We added some avocado to increase the creaminess and give some healthy, filling fat, plus some yogurt for probiotic goodness and protein. Having both protein and fat will increase that gap before you want to eat again. You could throw in a small handful of almonds to keep you full even longer. Doing this would replace your meal and still fit within our healthy eating weight loss program.


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