Something just a little different in this delicious smoothie.

In Mediterranean countries, having a bottle of rose water in the pantry is as common as having a bottle of vanilla extract is for us.

Used to make the delectable sweet treat (Turkish Delight) that tempted poor Edmund to give up his siblings to the evil White Queen in the Narnia stories, this unusual ingredient adds a touch of Mediterranean flavor to this Valentine smoothie.

(Note: I’m giving you a heads-up here so you have both the ingredients and the flowers ready for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Don’t leave it till the last minute to find the florist’s empty!)

The recipe is from Abeer at CakeWhiz who says …


Strawberries and roses come together perfectly in this GLORIOUS icy cold smoothie. It’s healthy, pretty in pink and so wonderfully FRAGRANT! … My fussy kid APPROVED of this strawberry smoothie and said that it smelled like flowers!


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