OK. I’m intrigued. So what is the secret ingredient in this delicious golden mango smoothie, I hear you ask? Guess.

It must be butternut squash to get that lovely color?






The answer is sweet potato.

Sweet potato?

Yep! Sweet potato.

And the tasty recipe comes from Lisa at HealthyNibblesAndBits. The recipe is on the next page.

Lawyer-turned-food-blogger Lisa has many simple, healthy and gluten-free recipes on her site. Of this tasty smoothie she says …

Okay, the sweet potato addition might sound a bit weird, but it works. Not only does it naturally sweeten the smoothie, but gives me a big shot of Vitamin A into my system. The mango’s there to add a tropical touch to the smoothie because my mind is on summer already. You’ll be surprised how well the mango chunks compliment the sweet potato. For those of you who’ve been drinking green smoothies a lot lately, this is a great way to break up your routine.


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