When reading a list of what to cook and what is fresh in May I noticed rhubarb was there on it. I checked the website and we do not have many rhubarb smoothies. So I went looking for a new one.

I found many with strawberries. But I wanted to try raspberries … so I just switched the berries in it. The recipe is from Jennifer at PeanutButterAndPeppers – details over the page.

Then I thought I’ll strongly recommend you use a very ripe banana … Oops! There’s NO banana in this recipe … pay attention, Girl! However, you can add one if you wish – just make sure it’s spotty and ripe for maximum sweetness.

Jennifer says …

The smoothie is creamy, smooth, perfect amount of [berries] with a pinch of tang from the rhubarb and to sweetened it up I used a little bit of honey and vanilla greek yogurt. The smoothie exceeded my expectations and now I need more rhubarb because I need to make this again!!


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