This is a tasty smoothie with warm winter spices that has a fair amount of protein from the oats and the chia seeds. If you make it with almond milk beverage it is suitable for vegans.

Many folks use almond milk because they are lactose intolerant. However, if this is not an issue for you then you can double the amount of protein in your smoothie if you use dairy products like milk, cottage cheese or yogurt. There are approximately 10 grams of protein when you make this smoothie with almond milk, or any other milk substitute, and 20 grams when made with dairy.

This makes a thick smoothie, so add more liquid if you prefer a thinner, smoother smoothie.

The recipe is from Katrina at WarmVanillaSugar. Katrina says …

What makes this smoothie special is soaking the oats overnight with almond milk and chia seeds. This gives the smoothie [an] incredibly delicious thick and creamy texture that is seriously wonderful. I had to share it with you!


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