This tasty smoothie is based on one from Caroline at CarolinesCooking. The recipe is on the following page and you can go straight there, if you wish, by clicking the ‘next page’ button below.

I’ve taken the basic recipe and added some protein and seeds which were missing, to my mind.

I’ve 4 reasons for doing this:

  1. it balances the fruit, reducing the rate at which the sugar hits the blood stream,
  2. makes it more diabetic-friendly, and
  3. I like to replace a meal with a smoothie, so it makes it more filling
  4. pumpkin seeds are super nutritious

Caroline asks us to imagine this scene …

I am standing in the kitchen, passing a glass back and forth between my two boys for them to have a sip. My four year old exclaims “that’s yummy! It’s so tasty” Meanwhile my one year old points excitedly and goes “yum yum yum” which is his way of saying he wants more to eat or drink. And the glass is full of this green smoothie. If ever you needed proof it’s good, this is probably it.


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