Another tasty, light, green smoothie recipe to add to your arsenal of low calorie smoothie recipes. Just what we need to keep on track with our weight loss program and healthy eating plan.

I hear so many folks say they do not like greens, and kale is usually high on the list. But it’s so nutritious I often tell them you cannot taste it in a smoothie, and you don’t need strong flavored fruits to disguise it. Just yesterday I made a friend a smoothie with kale in it and she was so surprised how good it tasted – she didn’t believe me when I told her she would not taste the kale … until she tried it!

The recipe is from Kristine at KristinesKitchenBlog. You’ll find the ingredients list on the next page.

Kristine says this is her family’s favorite green smoothie and it is …

… a little creamy and ultra refreshing… yum!


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