I made this tasty melon and ginger green smoothie for breakfast this morning. It’s refreshing and slightly spicy. You can adjust the amount of ginger you add according to your own preference. However, we like a lot of ginger flavor so always add a good-sized ‘thumb’.

This recipe also contains almonds. Recent studies have shown that almonds can curb the appetite, especially when eating as a snack. So, as well as enjoying them in this smoothie, keep a few in the desk drawer or in your purse for when the munchies hit you in the mid afternoon.

The smoothie contains electrolytes from the coconut water, healthy bacteria and natural yeasts in the yogurt, anti-inflammatory and digestion-aiding elements in the ginger, protein, healthy fat and fiber in the oats, ginger and almonds. So, all-in-all, one good smoothie.


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