This tasty smoothie is creamy and filling, full of coconut, chocolate, and other healthy ingredients. Yet it is only about 225 calories. Drink it all yourself for breakfast or lunch, share it, or have it as two smaller snacks. Work it into your healthy eating weight loss plan.

The smoothie is reminiscent of a Mounds candy bar – but this one’s good for you, with loads more nutrients than candy!

Lexi adds a smidgeon of coconut extract to increase the coconut-y flavor. Another way to get an extra boost of flavor is if you have time to soak the shredded coconut for a little while before making your smoothie – say mix it with the smoothie liquid before you hit the shower! Or soak it overnight, when you know you have a busy day ahead.

Here’s what Lexi said …

Sometimes breakfast is just better with a little something sweet (that’s packed with nutrients), delicious, and made with good-for-you ingredients! I personally am a huge fan of the coconut/chocolate combination. Reminiscent of a mounds chocolate bar in smoothie form, if you will!


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