A delicious, thick and luscious tropical smoothie, reminiscent of a pina colada, with just a few simple ingredients. Enjoy!

As well as loads of Vitamin C you will get a good serving of protein from the milk and Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt comes in the same fat levels as milk. So choose the one which you prefer. Half a cup of nonfat Greek yogurt (or milk for that matter) is about 65 calories, 2% is 75 cals and full fat is 138 cals. Now you may wonder why anyone would bother ‘wasting’ calories on full fat dairy when you can save a pile on nonfat? It’s great that you can play around with a smoothie recipe to suit your needs today, however, the fat level equates to the fill-factor: the more fat, the more filling, therefore the less likely you will run looking for a snack shortly after you have your smoothie. You can skip a few calories elsewhere if you need to save some, but a filling meal will save you more in the long run.

Amy at SheWearsManyHats says her daughter perfected the recipe. She says …

I’m not much about sticking to the seasonal fare rules, especially when it comes to smoothies. We like to enjoy fruit smoothies all year long. That’s why I like buying and staying stocked up on frozen fruit. Whether it’s blueberries, strawberries, cherries, or mango, you will always find a few bags of frozen fruit in our freezer. Which means that we are never without the ingredients for a healthy snack, quick breakfast, or even when needed, an easy lunch for on the go.

Keeping a good supply of frozen fruit means you will have thick smoothies. Keep a watch on your blender as occasionally I find I have to add a little extra water/liquid to help it cope.


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