This is a very tasty peach and avocado smoothie with a hint of tropical from the mango. It’s from Justyna at VeryBreakfast. It is also a very filling smoothie so you could replace a meal with it, if that’s how you like to enjoy your smoothies. The recipe details are on the next page, just click the button below to go there.

Peaches and nectarines are just coming into season and the market has a good supply. We had some beauts the other day. When they are so good it seems a waste to put them in a smoothie. Then again, they add such a lot of flavor to them, so … decisions, decisions, lol!

And you do not taste the avocado!!! It just makes it deliciously thick and creamy. Although you can adjust the thickness to suit your own preference by adjusting the liquid you use.

Justyna says …

Peach and avocado smoothie is one of the creamiest smoothies out there. It’s sweet, very creamy and absolutely delicious.


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