Refreshing and yet slightly tart, this honey and lemon smoothie from Liren at KitchenConfidante is, nonetheless, yummy-with-a-capital-YUM!

They say a good cook always tastes as (s)he cooks. Well, I never remember until it’s almost too late, so that means I’m a bad cook, lol! However, this is one recipe you should follow that advice. As lemons vary in their tartness, you will need to adjust the amount of honey you use according to your taste. (Remember, to adjust the calorie-count, if that matters to you.)

And on the subject of calories: while a nonfat yogurt may sound a great way to save calories, note that a full fat yogurt is more filling and will therefore save you ‘snacking calories’ in the long run. We’ve given you the calorie count for both with the recipe (over the page).

Liren advises …

Meyer lemons are sweeter than a standard lemon, so do note that this drink will be much more tart if you use a regular lemon and you will have to adjust the sweetness to your taste.


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