This thick and creamy smoothie was so delicious we just sat and smiled at each other afterwards. It has all the elements we love. It was thick. It was creamy. It felt good in the mouth. And, my, was it tasty!

So after all the lovely, what I think of as, mouth sensations, we noticed the flavor. We hadn’t had cinnamon in a smoothie for a long time. And we realised this morning how we missed it. (Note to Self: use more cinnamon!)

The pear and banana came through next. There was sweetness as well as fruitiness.

My kefir was new and still adjusting to it’s new surroundings, so it was quite mild in flavor, none of the tanginess we will get later. If you do not like tangy then substitute milk. However, you will lose masses of gut-healthy nutrients.

This is my second batch of milk kefir grains. After just a few short months with my first batch … I got confused straining them one day. Now, what, you ask, is confusing about straining a couple of spoonfuls of grains? Well, I forgot to do it and they all got blended into the smoothie. *sigh* I’m hoping these ones will last a good long time.

Between the kefir, the oats and the chia seeds, this smoothie has a really good serving of protein, about 35 grams, plus healthy fats. So it not only tastes good, but it does you good, too.


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