Some of my favorite ingredients are in this tasty smoothie from Monica at PlayingWithFlour: chocolate, banana and coconut … mmm!

My recipe is not exactly as Monica made it, but almost. It is recommended that you always include some protein and healthy fat in a smoothie to avoid a sugar high – even if you are not diabetic. I’d much rather keep my blood sugar on an even keel, so I do as I’m told … well, I sometimes do as I’m told, lol!

Monica says …

… I’m a little surprised by how much I liked this! … It really tasted like a treat. [That] tablespoon of cocoa powder added so much chocolate flavor and the banana provides the natural sweetener you need.


Since I eat a banana essentially everyday as a mid-morning snack, I thought I could change things up, swap out my morning frappuccino, and use my blender for this instead.


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