This is a tropical smoothie with a slight twist. This delicious recipe is from Abby Thompson at Heart Of A Baker. You’ll find the details on the next page.

Bananas are so common I tend to forget they are a tropical fruit, and only think ‘tropical’ smoothie when I add mango or pineapple. I love the combination of bananas and coconut in savory as well as sweet recipes. And I almost never make a smoothie without them … ok I won’t say ’never’, I use them more often than not.

With over 1100 smoothie recipes on site, we have a number of banana-less smoothies for variation and because sometimes folks ask for a smoothie without bananas.

Abby says her smoothie is …

… chock full of bananas, coconut and all kinds of goodness! Perfect for breakfast or a quick power snack.

The caffeine kick [from the matcha] is more of a slow burn than coffee and the green tea taste gives it just enough of a departure from a regular banana coconut smoothie, viola, a perfect matcha smoothie.


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