The original recipe for this surprisingly good smoothie comes from Liren Baker at KitchenConfidante. You’ll find it on the next page.

She uses carrot juice but you can just as easily use fresh carrots if you do not have juice on hand. As we make smoothies in our house I use whole carrots. I use them often, especially when I do not want to turn my ‘green’ smoothie mud colored by adding spinach, lol! (Be warned, however, too many carrots gives your skin a slight orange glow!)

Liren says …

This [smoothie] is my current favorite. I’ve been adding it to my rotation of daily smoothies … it is cool, refreshing, and quite tropical.


If carrots were to hang out in the tropics, I think I know where to find them. They’d be hanging with the mangoes and the kiwis. Take a sip, I think you’ll like how well they play together!


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