Blueberries and pomegranate juice with some thick Greek yogurt make a wonderful smoothie! Use fresh fruit if you can lay your hands on it, otherwise frozen is a good substitute.

I saw some fresh pomegranates in the store the other day. It’s getting to the end of the season but you still have a little time to freeze some arils for later. You’ll need the seeds from two pomegranates to get the equivalent juice you need for this recipe. I always advocate using fruit instead of juice for the added fiber you get. Plus it’s very easy to overdose on juice and not so easy with the fruit.

The recipe is from Jaclyn at CookingClassy. Jaclyn says her whole family loves this smoothie. However, as she has a sore throat, she points out

… there is nothing more refreshing for a sore throat than an icy, fruity smoothie like [this, which] has been one of my go to smoothies lately and I love all the vibrant flavors in it, plus the blueberry and pomegranate flavors just go together.


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