Large plump blackberries are delicious. Wonderful in season, but equally delicious from the freezer. But boy! Those seeds!!!

This blackberry and ginger combination comes from Emilie at TheCleverCarrot (details over the page). It’s delicious. And Emilie has a sensible idea for dealing with those pesky seeds – strain them out before you make the smoothie! (I know my mother strained the blackberry jelly she made, but I never thought to strain the fruit for my smoothies – duh!

It’s so obvious when you hear it, but it had never occurred to me and I just suffered in silence – and sometimes, not so quietly, lol!

Emilie suggests …

As much as I love blackberries, they have a crazy amount of seeds! Have you ever noticed that? My Vitamix couldn’t even blast them all. If you purée the berries first, and then strain the juice your smoothie will be velvety smooth. It will catch any straggly bits of ginger as well.

You certainly are clever, Emilie!


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