It’s good that we can use frozen as well as fresh fruit in our smoothies. This obviously means we can enjoy delicious fruity smoothies outside the normal growing season. Frozen fruits are high in nutrients as they are frozen quickly after being harvested.

I bought a large crate of delicious fresh strawberries that were on offer at the market on Tuesday morning. As soon as I got home I chopped, weighed and put them into separate freezer bags then put them into the freezer. Each bag had one cup sliced strawberries (166 grams) which is 54 calories. Now all I have to do is grab a bag from the freezer when I want some for my smoothies – and not one strawberry gets wasted!

Having done this a couple of times recently I learned it is worth taking a moment to scoot the sliced berries into a thin layer in their bags. This way my blender does not have one large, frozen mass to deal with. The berries separate as I empty the bag into the blender which is far easier than my earlier batches.


The recipe is based on one from Sandra Shields, Health Coach at SamEatsHerNutrients, who says …

… you get a large variety of nutrition, fiber and phytochemicals (some of which are still being identified) from foods like richly colored fruits, raw cacao, matcha green tea, dates, berries, protein and healthy fat!


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