I like figs, although their tiny little seeds can be a nuisance, lol. So I don’t eat them as often as I’d like. One way to enjoy them without the problem is in a smoothie.

I had some figs that had been on the shelf for ages. So when I saw this tasty banana, coconut and date smoothie from Tori Cooper at Gringalicious, I realised I could substitute figs for the dates.

I was really pleased with the result. However, I would suggest soaking them overnight in the liquid you plan to use as this softens them but also adds allows the flavor to permeate the whole.

Tori says this smoothie is …

… the perfect thing when you’re in the mood for a little ice cream or even those emergencies when you’re majorly craving that big-as-yo-face! milkshake (you know it happens). Basically it’s just an extra creamy and decadent smoothie and the bulk of it consists of good things like coconut milk, frozen bananas, and of course [figs!]


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