Well, I chickened out! I just couldn’t do it.

What was sooo hard, I hear you ask?

Making a green smoothie without fruit, that’s what! If you are braver than me, then go ahead and leave out the fruit when you make this smoothie.

However, I like the natural sweetness fruit gives my smoothies, not to mention the extra fiber. To have it ‘naked’, as it were, is just toooo much like trying to eat a plate of greens on their own … and my point in starting to drink green smoothies was to get more greens that I don’t like to eat! And while I love a teaspoonful of raw honey, to add a tablespoon to my smoothie … well, I’d rather add the fruit.

What do you say? Are you a fruit-in-my-green-smoothies person? Or not?

So I chickened out, as I said, and added some fruit to Abby’s original recipe at HeartOfABaker. Abby says …

… [this] smoothie is my perfect pre or post workout snack. It’s light enough to sneak in some greens before a workout, but also hydrating as all get out, so you can replenish all that lost water afterwards. I’ve also (kind of) committed myself to drinking more greens, so this is chock full of all the good things that I might not normally get in a day. If chia seeds aren’t your thing, feel free to sub in ground flax seeds or leave them out entirely.


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