It’s that time of year when we remember we meant to lose-those-extra-few-pounds-that-slipped-on-when-we-weren’t-looking so we can fit into that special dress for the holiday season. Sigh!

Don’t give up! Mishaps and slip-ups happen but as Liz says in her post (see link at the end) expect/plan for them and then Get Back On Track!

We have lots of tasty smoothie recipes on our site that can help. Check out some of them in our Weight Loss section.  They can help you lose weight as part of a healthy eating weight loss plan.

Yes, I’m listening, too!
Today’s recipe is based on one from Liz DellaCroce at TheLemonBowl. Liz threw in a handful of parsley and says …

If you’ve never tried parsley in a green smoothie, you must give it a shot. In addition to being full of vitamins and nutrients, it is a natural detoxifier. But really, I just add it because it adds a delicious, grassy background flavor that pairs perfectly with the sweet apple and spicy ginger.


Drink it all, have half for breakfast or serve as two snacks. The choice is yours.

If you are unsure about adding celery to your smoothie, start with half to one stalk and progress from there if you like it. The same goes for parsley; start off small and adjust to your liking.


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