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[Recipe] Apple Cinnamon Ginger Green Smoothie

  It's that time of year when we remember we meant to lose-those-extra-few-pounds-that-slipped-on-when-we-weren't-looking so we can fit into that special dress for the holiday season. Sigh! Don't give up! Mishaps and slip-ups happen but as Liz says in her post (see link at the end) expect/plan for them and then Get Back On Track! We…

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[Recipe] Chocolate Coconut Milk Smoothie 3 Ways

  We’ve included 3 options for this tasty smoothie for you to enjoy. The first is made with canned coconut milk which is rich, thick and filling, and is satisfying enough to replace a meal. However, because that is also high in calories, we’ve included a light version made with homemade coconut milk. Note this…

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